Featuring FEATHERS! Discover our PRINT!

Add some flamboyantly floaty FEATHERS to your wardrobe!
So many GORGEOUS styles and COLOUR to choose from!
Check out our Feather Berry Colourway!
With a beautiful blend of pinks and reds, this print combines a lovely lavender and light blue that ties together with cream and black.
We can feel the Autumn Vibes in Feathers Orange!
The Feathers Orange print pops warm tones of orange and red over a navy.
Includes pops of chartreuse and a brighter blue.
We're also in love with the Feathers Teal!
Featuring a mix of earthy greens and blues, if you're a nature toned wardrobe person, this print is for you!
Pair it from emerald to lime, and all of the blues!
The Feathers Grey print has an elegant look!
Looking for a funky print but want more of a muted look?
The Feathers Grey print offers the option to pair with your favourite colour for a POP or any black and white garment to highlight simplicity.
July 14, 2020 — Admin Keshet

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