Have You Found Your Twin??


Calling ALL besties!!

Have we got the Keshet outfits for you!
Look SUPER cute twinning with your friends! 
Our new prints are to die for and just perfect when paired together.


Featured Above: Keshet's Winter Baby Doll Pocket Dresses in Frida Multi (left) and Frida Teal (right) paired with a matching Neck Scarves.
Accessorised with: Boho Pom Pom Earrings



Twinning In Style!

Not only are our prints perfect for that magical moment with your besties,
worn by themselves they are simply stunning! 
Just SO much styling versatility to suit ALL looks!!


Featured Above: Keshet's Bell Sleeve Tie Top in Orchard Grey (left) and Mustard (right) paired with a matching High Waisted Short Pencil Skirts in Orchard Grey (left) and Mustard (right).
Accessorised with: Neck Scarves, Brass Earrings and Coloured Bangles.





Featured Above: Keshet's Bell Sleeve Tie Top in Payapa Blue paired with a matching High Waisted Short Pencil Skirt in Papaya Blue.
Accessorised with: 
Brass Earrings and Coloured Bangles.


Matchy Matchy!!

 Mix and Match in style!
We can't help ourselves but fall in love with these stunning prints!!
Pair together or with Keshet's stunning NEW plains!
Come on, you know you want too! 






Featured Above: Keshet's Winter 3/4 Sleeve Over Top Payapa Blue paired with a matching Neck Scarf in Papaya Blue.
Accessorised with:
Brass Earrings and Winter Arm Warmers.

April 30, 2019 — Admin Keshet

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