Just Landed Keshet Dangles! Get to know our Journey!

We did it! They are finally here!! 
We are SO EXCITED to tell you about our Keshet Dangles journey!
If you've been checking our socials, you would know that every now and then we posted a little sneak peek about our Acrylic Earrings...

It all started around August 2019.
Our in-house designers were brainstorming shapes to prepare for the laser cutter, taking into account the beautiful prints that we were going to release the next season! There was a lot of, this would go with this, we could combine these shapes to create that...  And after some thorough designing, we sent our shapes to the laser cutter in December!

Then we had ALL these amazing shapes in ALL these amazing materials and colours that we needed to put together!
We had an incredible production line of creativity that sparkled into UNIQUE pieces of ART!

Our earrings went through a period of testing!
After assembling them, some of us would wear them out and about to feel their weight and shape.
We would later make adjustments to have a more comfortable statement earring that will BLING your day away!

We released the Dangles in our Hobart Boutique in January!
We love to treat our locals with the newest Keshet!
Fascinated with the response... we knew it was about time to release them online!

We started to wear our earrings for our in-house photoshoots!
Remember this photoshoot? Seems like forever ago for us!

We brainstormed about how we would package these beautiful and unique designs. Making the experience fascinating when receiving them!
Our team of designers created a Tissue Paper with our favourite elements from our prints, super exciting!!
From that design, a whole world of earring cards emerged!

When you purchase any of these Dangles, you will receive a UNIQUE piece of art that has been crafted for about a year.
We are SO HAPPY to see these beautiful pieces online, and we can't wait to see YOU wearing them out and being extra fabulous!!
Check out the Keshet Dangles collection now!
If there is a pair that’s calling your name... get it quick because they are all one-off designs!
June 18, 2020 — Admin Keshet

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