Keshet Sustainable Style! Introducing... PATCHWORK!

Here are Keshet we are committed to making steps towards sustainable fashion! Our latest and greatest is our patchwork cotton! Our off-cuts are sewn together by our beautiful sisters in India. Purchasing our up-cycled off-cuts supports these incredible women as well as our efforts to create less waste.


Say hello to the beautiful Patchwork Skirt!

Each skirt is uniquely made from our offcuts with our Keshet's No Waste Mission!!

Let's take you to India! Have a look at our Cottage Industry Production and how your clothes are being made!
Our products are all handmade with love in open and airy working environments which include fair hourly rates, breaks, 8 hour work days with the BEST chai tea and Bollywood tunes.


Each skirt is uniquely made from our offcuts with our Keshet's No Waste Mission!!

It has a bobbin elastic waistband to fit all shapes and sizes! With a cute little elasticised feature on the side of the skirt.


How gorgeous are the NEW patchwork bags?!

So much so that we are thrilled to share them for a limited time as a FREE GIFT with purchases over $100! When you spend over $100 you receive the Small Patchwork Bag and for purchases over $200 you receive the Big Patchwork Bag!

Quick! Offer ends on December 24th, 2019. You don't want to miss out!



We also make beautiful SCRUNCHIES from our off-cuts!

They are a great accessory to add to any Keshet outfit, and perfect for a gift!

Little fabric left? Kids skirts!

Our NEW Mini Me Reversible Skirts are the PERFECT gift... Two skirts in one and sizes from 6-14... ALL IN ONE! They won't grow out of them so quickly this time!

Grab yourself a matchy Reversible Skirt and you and your Mini-Me will be twinning together in no time! 


Read more about our Ethics and Sustainability here!

December 17, 2019 — Admin Keshet


Creena Warner said:

These skirts and bags are amazing!
I would love to see the off cuts being made into patchwork Sienna pocket pants!
The most awesome pants ever!

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