Maximise your look in Keshet Maxi Style!

Get ready for fabulous comfort!

Keshet's Maxi Dresses are an essential fashion statement to your wardrobe!

The Bianca Back to Front Maxi Dress

Versatile + Stunning

Made from a beautiful cotton poplin, the Back to Front Maxi Dress is unbelievably versatile! You can wear it 4 different ways! Tie it in the front or the back, turn it around and start again! With short cap sleeves and a high elastic waist, it can be dressed up or down!

The maxi length design can be paired with a statement earring and you’re good to go!

Did we mention it has POCKETS too?! 

The stunning maxi dress comes in 3 generous sizes and in Keshet's exclusive Leopard and Marine prints! You'll just have to pick your favourite!



The Keshet Maxi Dress

Drop-dead-gorgeous is the only phrase for this stunning Keshet maxi dress!

The classic V neckline of this irresistible dress imitates a halter-neck style which then sweeps down to a fitted drop-waist (with a bobbin elastic back panel it ensures perfect fit and comfort) into full and voluptuous Maxi Dress!

You can be the life of the party, or relax on the deck with a gin and tonic in this comfortable, timeless Keshet Original!
One thing is for sure ...You will look like the Queen of Summer!
It's no wonder! The Keshet Maxi Dress has been Keshet's Bestselling Maxi for 8 years+ !!
The Keshet Maxi Dress is available in a stunning array of prints!
But look carefully, the two maxi dresses don't come in the same prints!

October 09, 2019 — Admin Keshet

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