Ethics & Sustainability

sustainable fashion
We embrace our responsibility for creating ethical work environments and sustainable production practice from source to consumer and beyond. We take great pride in our journey so far. Here are some of the highlights: 

The Keshet HQ Tribe

Here at Keshet, our vision behind what we create is to bring a product to life which empowers people to feel fearlessly beautiful no matter their shape or size. We take great pride in our diversity, and our team consists of colourful creatives from all corners of the globe who collaborate together here in Tasmania. 
Our focus is not only on local growth, but with the greater vision and understanding that we can't do it alone. We wish to rise together as one world. 

Cottage Industry Production 

Our products are all handmade with love in open and airy working environments which include fair hourly rates, breaks, 8 hour work days with the BEST chai tea and Bollywood tunes. Our team consists of men and women with family practice at its core. No child is involved in the production of Keshet designs. Freedom of employment - everyone that works with us is free and happy to be a part of the tribe.
As part of our commitment to this practice, we also perform regular checks in person to make sure that our ethics are upheld. During these visits we also go into the communities and connect with the families of our employees to get a greater sense of their background and culture with a vision of how we can continue to support them through our journey together. At the end of the day we are all one. 

From Shelf to Community

Distributing the Keshet love to those in need is one of our core values. We regularly donate to the community in Tasmania as well as Australia wide. Each year we are involved in numerous fundraising events supporting local charities and non profit organisations. Our stock is never destroyed.

Conscious Fabric

For example, our Bamboo Cotton is a beautiful 100% natural fabric not only looks and feels luxurious, but it is also grown with less chemicals and can replenish itself quickly which leaves less impact on our environment.

Recycled Cloth Shopping Bags

We supply a beautiful unique bag to our customers with each purchase. We purchase vintage Saris and give them to women in the community who traditionally can't work due to cultural limitations. From their home they can sew our bags at their leisure which we then purchase back off of them at a fairly traded price. We have witnessed the self value and empowerment that these women are experiencing throughout our journey together.
We are ever evolving into creating a more sustainable future for all to preserve this beautiful world that we live in. Stay tuned!

Compostable Post Packs

We are proudly sending all of our online orders in 100% Certified Compostable Post Packs. These fabulous PINK bags are made from Cassava Root and Corn Flour taking away one more piece of plastic for each purchase.